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Bidding Announcement For Construction of Dam of the Phase II Tailing Pond and Relevant Ancillary Works and the Tailing Conveying and Backwater Pipeline Engineering


1.    招标说明

1. Bidding instructions


1.1 Bidding overview


The Bid Inviter of the construction of dam of the phase II tailing pond of Deziwa Copper-cobalt Mine Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo and relevant ancillary works of the bidding project and the tailing conveying and backwater pipeline engineering (bidding No. SOMIDEZ-BIDDING-2021-P11) is the SOMIDEZ with bidding fund self-raised, posing a contributive proportion of 100%. The Project has met the bid inviting conditions and is in an open international bidding stage at present.

1.2  组织方式

1.2 Organizing method


1.2.1 The notice of invitation for bids will be released in relevant media of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (hereinafter referred to as 'Congo') and potential bidders will be invited in public. Due to the inconvenience caused by COVID-19 recently, the Bid Inviter will organize the bidders to open and announce the bid in Kolwezi, Congo by video conference. Bid evaluation location: conference room of the Bid Inviter (Deziwa mining area-Kolwezi). The evaluation results will be published in relevant media.


The Bid Inviter organize to open the bid by video and bidders take part in the bid opening by video. Bidders shall download and install 'ZOOM' related softwares before bid opening.


1.3 Requirements of bid submitting document


The bid submitting documents prepared by bidders and communications during bidding are made in Chinese and English. In case of any inconsistency between the two versions, the English version shall prevail..

2.    项目概况和招标范围

2. Project overview and bid inviting scope

2.1 项目招标范围

2.1 Bid inviting scope of the Project


The construction of dam of the phase II tailing pond of Deziwa Copper-cobalt Mine Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo and relevant ancillary works of the bidding project and the tailing conveying and backwater pipeline engineering, including the construction of dam of the phase II tailing pond and supported subdam pontoon equipment and facilities, HDPE membrane laying engineering for phase II tailing pond body and dam, flood intercepting trench engineering and patrolling road construction engineering and tailing conveying and backwater pipeline engineering.

3.    资金来源:自有资金

3. Capital source: self-raised

4. 投标人的资格要求(所有要求均要满足)

4. Requirements for the qualification of the Bidder (meeting all the requirements)

1) 投标人必须具备中华人民共和国一级建筑安装施工资质或刚果(金)EC-A施工资质及其他国家地区政府颁发的同等级资质。具有独立承担民事责任能力的刚果(金)或其他国家地区注册的、具有法人资格的,注册时间应在3年及以上。

1) The Bidder shall be provided with Level I building installation construction qualification or Congo EC-A construction qualification as well as qualifications of the same level granted by other national and regional governments. In addition, shall be able to bear civil liability independently, have the qualification of legal person and have registered in Congo or other countries for at least 3 years.


2) The Bidder shall pass the ISO9001 quality management system certification;


3) If the products used in this project involve national compulsory certification, the national compulsory certification certificate of 3C shall be provided;


4) If the product used in this project involves the production license or the certificate issued by a state-recognized authoritative certification authority, it shall have a valid corresponding certificate;

5) 不允许转包;

5) Subcontracting is not allowed;

6) 具有同等或高于招标要求的业绩;

6) The performance achieved meets the bidding requirements;

7) 具有良好的信誉及履行合同的能力,资金财务状况良好;没有处于被责令停业,投标资格被取消,财产被接管、冻结,破产状态;

7) Good reputation and ability to perform the contract, good financial status; it is not in the state of being ordered to suspend business, the bid qualification is cancelled, and the property is taken over, frozen and goes bankrupt;

8) 在最近三年内没有骗取中标和严重违约及诉讼问题 ;

8) No fraudulent winning bid or serious breach of contract or litigation in the last three years;

9) 投标人的资质证书中法人单位名称须和投标人营业执照名称相同,若名称不一致时应提供必要的澄清文件,但必须保证资质证书中的名称和营业执照名称实质上为同一个企业;

9) The name of the legal entity in the Bidder's qualification certificate shall be the same as the name of the Bidder's business license. If the name is inconsistent, necessary clarification documents shall be provided;

10) 本项目不接受联合体投标,投标人必须向招标人购买招标文件并登记备案,未向招标人购买招标文件并登记备案的潜在投标人均无资格参加本次投标;

10) This project does not accept joint bidding, and the Bidder must purchase bid inviting documents from the Bid Inviter, register and put on record. Any potential bidder who fails to purchase bid inviting documents and register and put on record with the Bid Inviter shall not be eligible to participate in this bid;

11) 投标人应遵守《刚果招标投标法》及其它有关的国家及地区法律和法规。

11) The Bidder shall abide by the Law of the Republic of Congo on Tenders and Bids and other national and local laws and regulations.

5. 招标文件的发售:

5. Sale of bid inviting document:


5.1 Sale medium of bid inviting document


The notice of invitation for bids is released on https://www.somidez.com/. The Bid Inviter shall not be liable for any incorrect or invalid registration caused by the incomplete or modified version of the announcement reprinted and published by other websites.

5.2投标人可于2021年3月1日至2021年3月8日前,每天09:00至 17:00(卢本巴西时间,节假日除外),通过电汇从招标人处购买招标文件。招标文件每份售价为200美元,售后不退,投标人需将报名资料(银行汇款底单+公司营业执照)发送至招标人邮箱。

5.2 The Bidder can buy (on cash) bid inviting document from the Bid Inviter through telegraphic transfer between 09:00 and 17:00 (Lubenbasi time) everyday (excepting holidays and festivals) between March 1, 2021 and March 8, 2021. The bid inviting document is sold as per USD 200 per copy and not refundable. The Bidder shall send the registration information (bank remittance + the business license of the Company) to the e-mail address of the Bid Inviter.

5.3 招标人收到资料并确认后,通过邮件形式发送电子版招标文件,不提供任何纸质招标文件。

5.3 After receiving and confirming information, the Bid Inviter shall send electronic bid inviting documents by E-mail and will provide no paper versions.

6. 投标文件递交截止时间和地点

6. Deadline and place for submission of bid inviting document


The bid submitting document of bidder shall be sent to the specified email of SOMIDEZ before 09:30 (Lubumbashi time) a.m. on March 9, 2021. Overdue documents would be refused.

7. 开标时间:

7. Bid opening time:


09:30 a.m. on March 9, 2021 (Lubumbashi time)

8. 开标地点:

8. Bid opening location:


Democratic Republic of the Congo-Lualaba Province-conference room of SOMIDEZ

9. 应标确认:

9. Confirmation on the response to the bidding documents:


If you intends to participate in the bid invitation after receiving bid inviting document, please send the letter of confirmation of the bid attached with official seals in word version (the format is shown in the appendix) after scanning to the email address designated by our company (please see the contact information below).

10. 联系方式:

10. Contact information

名  称:迪兹瓦矿业股份有限公司


地址:Deziwa mine, Lualaba village, Lualalba province,D.R.CONGO.

Address: Deziwa mine, Lualaba village, Lualaba Province, D.R.CONGO.


Bank of deposit: RAWBANK SA



账号: 05130-01048660701-13 (标书费均电汇至此账户)

Account No.: 05130-01048660701-13 (tender fees shall be all transferred to this account)


Contact person: Mei Yuan         


Tel: +243808591983


Email: meiyuan@somidez.com





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